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Many thanks for these reviews for my latest novel.

Reviews for Daughter of Éireann

Five star review from Susan Birch, @IforIdle on Amazon.

A hard-hitting narrative of Irish life in the 1840s.

"This is the final novel in the compelling trilogy by a talented author. Having read the previous two, I was keen to discover what happened next to protagonist Jane Keating. I was not disappointed. This well-paced read had me gripped from the get-go, as if I was experiencing nineteenth century life through a time-warp bodycam.

. . .

This trilogy is an essential read, an homage to those who may otherwise be forgotten and those who risked their lives for the greater good of Ireland. Each novel will tug at your heartstrings on so many levels."

Five star review on Goodreads from Rosie Lee (Twitter @RosieLe60545528)

"Jane returns home to Ireland and everything is different"

Five star review on Goodreads from Tony Riches (Twitter :@TonyRiches

"This is the last in the Irish Famine Trilogy featuring Jane Keating and Annie Power, two young Irish women who embark on epic journeys spanning three continents.

One of the benefits of writing a trilogy is the author has the space and scope to show how characters develop over time. Jane Keating is an excellent example, as she begins the first book as an innocent young girl, but we know to expect something special from her by the time she becomes a daughter of Éireann.

Set during one of the most challenging times of Ireland's troubled and turbulent history this often harrowing story is evocative and compelling. Although this book would work as a stand-alone, I strongly recommend starting with the first book of the series, Daughters of the Famine Road."


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