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Marketing my novels

One of the ways I market my novels, as an indie author and publisher, is through KDP - Kindle Direct Publishing

I have made my novels exclusive to KDP as ebooks. That way I can access a couple of promoting and advertising deals. One is a Kindle Countdown Deal, which I tried and it didn't work.

KDP Free Book Promotion.

The one I like to use is the KDP Free Book Promotion where authors can offer their ebooks for free for up to five days every three months.

This month, the 9th and 10th of June, 2023, I have put all three ebooks on Free offer for two days. As a result, two of them are in the top 100 for Historical Irish Fiction. It is a niche part of the bookstore, but it is lovely to see your books up there as a best seller.

I think the third book, 'Daughter of Eireann' is not linked up to the stats yet, as it has had a similar take up. I'll check tomorrow, and the next time I make the Free Offer.

The idea of this is to get some exposure, and from that, to get a few reviews and actual sales. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn't.

In my next blog I'll look at how I market my paperbacks. Not very well to be truthful! I'll set myself some targets next time.

Thanks for reading.

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