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Writing in progress - an update 16/4/2023

I'm working on two projects right now.

1. The process of publishing my third novel.

I like both these covers. Charlotte, my marketing daughter-in-law, suggested taking out the bird between the two lines of the title. Also lowering the girl in the green shawl so her head is further away from the title. I'm still not sure about the title, or which cover to go for!

I am meeting Nancy, my editor/daughter, on Tuesday to go through the blurb for the back cover. Then I'll check the number of pages and go back to my cover designer for the final cover.

Once I have the finished cover, I can upload the pdf to KDP and order an author copy. Then I will read through one final time, get Nancy to double check my edits and upload again in both paper-back and e-pub.

I notice that there are a few pages where there are only one or two words at the top of the page. They are called 'widows' or 'orphans'.

Wikipedia. Widows and orphans.

An orphan is a very short final line in a paragraph! I didn't know this.

The widow is a short final line on the other side of a page break. This is the one I was looking out for.

My second writing project.

I'm working on my fourth novel. The first three novels were a trilogy about the Irish Famine years. This novel is set in 1914 and the protagonist of the earlier novels is in her eighties. Her daughter and granddaughter are Irish-American and don't know much about their grandmother's background as a convict transported to Melbourne in Australia. They will be shocked to learn their grandmother's secrets.

I've written an outline of the novel and drafted the first four chapters. I think it will be an interesting story. I might have to change the trilogy to a series!

PS. Hoping to publish this one before the end of 2023.


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