• Bridget Walsh

Daughters in Exile - Emigration and Transportation.

I'm writing about the two characters from my first novel, Annie Power and Jane Keating.

They left Ireland in the Famine year 1846. In the second novel, Annie arrives in New York with her brother and sister. Jane has taken Annie's place on a convict transportation to Melbourne, New South Wales in Australia. The two girls, Annie is seventeen, Jane is fifteen, will stay in contact.

The Famine ship, the Dunbrody, is a replica of the type of ship the main characters would have sailed on in 1846. The Dunbrody is anchored at New Ross, County Wexford.

A real-life example of Irish Famine emigration.

New Ross was the home of President John F Kennedy's great grandfather, Patrick Kennedy and his wife Bridget, née Murphy. The couple emigrated during the Famine years, settled in Boston in 1849 and had five children.

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