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What I'm reading this week- 29th January 2023

My reading.

'Human Encumbrances, Political Violence and the Great Irish Famine,' by David P. Nally. (2011) University of Notre Dame. Indiana.

I'm currently reading this non-fiction book about the Irish Famine. The author makes a fascinating case about the impact of colonialism on the development of Ireland before the Famine and the impact of colonial attitudes during the years of the Famine. I have more to read yet, but it is sad to see how an entire population became seen as 'other' and 'good-for-nothing' by their masters, both politically and economically.

'The Children of Willesden Lane,' by Mona Golabek and Lee Cohen.

Another book I have on the go is this memoir that tells the story of the Kindertransport from Germany to Britain before WW2. I think it is aimed at YA (Young Adults) and it's a very uplifting story about the author's (Golabek's) mother's experiences as a young child refugee. Also, a timely reminder of #HolocaustMemorialDay.

Robert Galbraith's 'The Cuckoo's Calling'.

I have enjoyed reading this book, I borrowed it from my sister, for a bit of 'light' reading. A convoluted crime novel that I had watched as a series on the BBC. I really like the way JKR has created and develops the two main characters! I need to borrow the next in the Cormoran Strike series.

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