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Love to read!

I dropped into Leicester Uni library on Thursday afternoon (29th December, 2022) and came home with a bag of books to read in January. A good way to start the New Year.

I've read a few of Neil Gaiman's 'Fragile Things' and find it fascinating to see the variety of his writing styles: a Sherlock Holmes-type mystery, a supernatural poem, and a story from the POVs of the months of the years, 'October in the Chair.' Onwards!


I've also sought out books by Professor Christine Kinealy to help me research any last things I need for the third novel in the Irish Famine trilogy. I'm writing about the 1848 Irish rebellion, so Kinealy's 'Repeal and Revolution' (2009), covers not only the rebellion but the religious and political aspects of mid-19th century Ireland which feature in my novel.

Lighter reading

The dual language Dante's Inferno is for when I need a break from novel writing. I can switch between that and the McCarthy novel for a bit of lighter reading (Hopefully!)

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