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Researching historical houses #irishhistory #indiewriter

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

Lovely to think my mother's old family home is on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage.

I first knew the house when we visited my grandmother, who lived there, in the late 1950s and early 1960s. At that time it had an orange galvanised tin roof on it and was very run down. There was no water nor other services to the house. You can just make out the old iron water pump that stood near the front door.

There was a tiny back yard for coal storage and I guess, but I don't remember, a privy. My mother rented a house for us to stay in on one holiday, as the family home was derelict. It must have been after her mother, a widow, died.

It is fascinating to think that it is of architectural interest. I imagine the village was quite prosperous in 1770 when this house was first built in the Georgian style. I think the street names, Parade Square and Barracks Street, for example, were to do with the British Army Barracks that was situated a couple of miles away from the village.

I know my great grandmother lived there at the beginning of the twentieth century. She appears on the 1911 census, with her mother. I think the house must have been quite run down even then, as it would have been over one hundred and forty years old. Quite some history!

To the right of the house, not shown on the picture, is the dock and the River Suir.

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