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Reasons why I write:

  • To write about Irish women as protagonists in their stories.

  • To research, understand and depict important periods of Irish modern history, from the nineteenth century to the early twentieth century.

  • To produce pieces of finished creative fiction and publish it for others to read and enjoy.

  • To connect with other like-minded people.

  • To stay positive and engaged in enjoyable activities. Be happy!

Friday 20th May, 2022. Good progress so far:

  • December 2021. Awarded a Masters degree in Creative Writing, with Merit, from the Open University.

  • March 2022. Self-published the first novel, ‘Daughters of the Famine Road,’ on Amazon. Some have sold, and some have been given away (mostly free on KDP, or gifted to friends and family). To date - over 100 copies. Plus, eleven, five-star reviews on Amazon books, including two from the US.

  • The public library in Waterford, Ireland has agreed to take six copies of the novel.

  • The Waterford Book Centre has taken six copies, also.

  • 170 followers on Twitter

  • This website. has had 220 site sessions and 176 unique visitors to the site in the last three months.

Targets for the next twelve months:

1. Finish and self-publish the next two novels in the trilogy.

  • Keep on with the writers’ group - essential.

2. Begin to write a fourth novel. Particularly the idea of an early twentieth century novel, set in Ireland, with some family members in it, e.g. Julia Tuite and Jack Doyle. Time-scale: Be ready to publish this time next year.

3. Write other types of narrative - could be loosely related to Irish history or culture, or non-fiction about writing, or poetry. Use story-telling techniques for the reader.

Examples of other types of narrative:

  • 'Where I got my characters names' - develop this

  • Famous historical people in the trilogy.

  • Historical places of interest in Ireland, New South Wales, Canada and America,

  • Newspapers and printing in the novels e.g The Nation. Dublin.

  • Transportation in 19th century Ireland, Canada, etc.

  • Cultural research.

  • Maps.

  • How do these relate to current developments in culture or politics?

4. Learn how to design simple covers for small-publication give-aways on the website. For the above texts.

5. Set up to gather an email list and give-away some of the pamphlets, to encourage book purchase.

6. Marketing. Aim to sell 300 copies of each novel to cover the costs of the covers and marketing. This is not essential, but it feels good to be self-financing.

  • Visit local bookshops, museums and libraries to let them know about the book. Write up a list of places where the book would fit and get in touch with them. Offer to donate a copy of the book.

  • Support other indie writers. Read and review novels. In return they might read and review yours.

To do List.

Timescales By Autumn 2022 - End of October 2022

  • Finish 'Exile' and self-pub.

  • Work on three articles for a pamphlet.

  • Learn about cover design on KDP.

  • Review two indie-pub’d historical novels on Twitter/Amazon.

  • Visit libraries in Leicester and Wigston.

  • Visit at least one indie bookshop in Leicester.

  • Write to, or email, Skibbereen Heritage Centre and other Irish Famine museums.

  • Revise website to gather email addresses of interested visitors.

  • Complete 'Coming Home - 1847.' The third novel in trilogy. Set a completion date - when the above work is done.

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