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Book Orders in the US and the #Irishdiaspora #historicalnovel #indiewriter

August 2022 is looking like a slower month for my book orders.

These are the total orders since I self-published my first novel back in March. Just thirty orders in the last month. On second thoughts, thirty is not too shabby!


I have been working on Direct Sales. With luck, these will add to the overall total.

I have one more Free Book Promo day on Amazon, so I'll give that a go towards the end of the month.


Indie publishing :

  • is an interesting game. I think it has to be a long game. My aim is to cover the costs of my professionally designed covers. That will do me.

  • it's also a fascinating hobby. I look at this list and imagine readers from all these different countries with my book. It is such an honour that they have chosen my novel about the Irish Famine to read.

Daughters in Exile

The second novel in this trilogy won't be too much longer. My daughter is proof-reading it this week, while on holiday in Ireland.


Thank you for your visit, while you're here, take a few minutes to:

1. Read more about these fascinating characters and how I imagined their lives during the Irish Famine. Buy 'Daughters of the Famine Road,' on Amazon.

2. Click on the Contact page on Say hello, and I’ll send you a free pdf of the first chapter of my latest novel.

3. Look out for the next novel in the trilogy:'Daughters in Exile' coming in August, 2022.


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