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Summer book sale for lovers of the Irish story.

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

#Irishhistory readers in the US, UK and Europe.

Daughters of the Famine Road in Kindle e-book is now on sale on Amazon

Only 99 cents in the US

Or 99 pence in UK and Europe for the month of August 2022.

Read the first book of my Irish trilogy about the #GreatHunger in 19th century Ireland.

Join these brave young women on their epic journey through the first year of the Irish Famine in 1845/46.


Thank you for your visit, while you're here, take a few minutes to:

1. Read more about these fascinating characters and how I imagined their lives during the Irish Famine. Buy 'Daughters of the Famine Road,' on Amazon.

2. Visit my website: Click on the Contact page, say hello, and I’ll send you a free pdf of the first chapter of my latest novel.

3. Look out for the next novel in the trilogy:'Daughters in Exile' coming in August, 2022.


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