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Self-publishing my first novel. Part Two. (4 min read)

How many times did you re-upload your manuscript? I uploaded mine at least three times. Here's why, and here's the screen-shot of my completed novel, uploaded onto KDP in paperback and Kindle e-book. If you haven't tried self-publishing yet, why not give it a go?

In my previous blog (29th March, 2022) I promised to look at the actual process of uploading my manuscript to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing). I wrote then, that it is not a ten minute job. This is true. However, it's very satisfying, once completed.

Here's my simple, step-by-step guide, if you'd like to have a go at self-publishing your novel.

1. You need your completed manuscript. I think KDP take any documents, Word or PDF. You must have proof read it, until you know it almost off by heart. Even then, there will be mistakes queried by the KDP programme's spellchecker, so be warned.

I used the Reedsy software for my manuscript, as it will format and download a pdf, or an

ipub / mobi version (for Kindle e-book), all ready to upload onto KDP. It's free to download from Reedsy.

2. Set up an account on KPD. The website walks you through how to upload the details of your book. Decide if you need to buy an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), KDP will provide a free one for the paperback version of your novel. Be aware, it only works for Amazon sales, though. You'll have to buy an ISBN if you want to distribute your book elsewhere.

I bought a block of ten numbers for £136.00 from Nielsen,

so, it cost just £13.60 per ISBN number. And having extra numbers keeps me focussed on the novels I still have to write!

3. Upload your cover and your manuscript.

At this point, it is perhaps easier to just upload for the paperback. You will see the reason why, in Step 7. It is simple to upload, just follow the instructions on your KDP account.

4. The software will check your manuscript. This includes a spell-check, so you may get some typos or spelling checks to do before it is approved.

5. Make the changes on your manuscript and download a new pdf. Upload again to KDP.

6. Repeat, until the KDP software tells you your manuscript has been submitted successfully. Yay!

6. Decide on your pricing. There is plenty of info about this, read it, decide and input.

By now you can hit the Publish button. What could possibly go wrong?

7. Hold off a while. You will have the option to order an Author's proof copy. I nearly didn't do it, but I am so glad I did. The proof copy has 'Not for Resale' across it, see mine below.

8. This is your beautiful novel, complete with your cover. It is your work of art, and it is so special to hold in your hands. Read it through again and look for layout changes you might need, and any last hidden spelling and grammar errors; those pesky commas and speech marks.

Repeat Step 5. Include the e-pub upload at this point and the pricing set up for your e-book.

9. Now you are good to go. Hit the Publish button for the paperback and the Kindle e-book.

Congratulations, you have self-published your novel. Not only an author but an indie writer!

I almost forgot!

10. The next step is to get someone to buy it. I'll write about this next time, but you may need an expert. :)

To purchase my novel:

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