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So, my novel, ‘Daughters of the Famine Road,’ is now finished and on Amazon Books.

Next up is marketing. I’ve been thinking about trying Kindle Select for the e-book version. I’ll give it a go this week. If you've done this, let me know how it went please.

This is my first novel, there are two more in the series to come, and I now want to get it read.

The novel is currently 131,102nd on the Amazon Best Sellers Rank. For me, this is an amazing achievement. I’m thrilled! Beyond thrilled!

I’ve achieved my goal. To write about this period in world history that I believe must never be forgotten.

I have read non-fiction books by wonderful authors. I’ll return to them again, and write about their crucial work on The Famine, The Potato Famine, The Great Hunger, or An Gorta Mór, as it is known in Irish.

When a quarter of a country's population die or flee, then something has gone tragically wrong. The causes can be complex: war, politics, economic war, to name just a few. I set out to examine how and why this terrible tragedy happened, less than two hundred years ago.

I particularly wanted to tell the story of all those young Irish women who endured the Famine, both those who survived and also, those who sadly died from hunger or disease.

You’ve no doubt heard the quotation about ‘"learning from history." There are several different endings to it. This is the one that I like:

“We learn history not to know how to behave or how to succeed,

but to know who we are.”

Leszek Kolakowski, the Polish philosopher who died in 2009.


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