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Reading: 'Take Off Your Pants' by Libbie Hawker @LibHawker

This is a super book about writing novels. It's all about really in-depth planning and I have found it absolutely eye-opening.

For example, I have an Antagonist in my novel, but Take off Your Pants explained that I need to understand what the Antagonist role means in terms of the Main Character.

Also, I finally understand what a Flaw is and how it is so important to the story. The Flaw means that the Main Character has to struggle to overcome her Flaw before she can make any personal progress. Unfortunately, the Main Character, Annie Power, doesn't recognise she has this Flaw. I couldn't figure out her Flaw either, which didn't help.

Now I understand the Flaw. It will take Annie a while to see it and then to overcome it and achieve her External Goal.

The book contains detailed advice 0n how to lay out the novel and bring the reader with you. I have found it really helpful.

Many thanks Libbie Hawker!

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