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My second historical novel is ready soon!

I love the cover for my new historical novel, 'Daughters in Exile.'

I'm reading it through to see if there are any last minute changes I need to make.

Then I'll order a final 'proof,' for my two daughters to take a look at.

After that, very soon now. I'll be able to publish on KDP.

The joy of being an #Indieauthor is that I can decide when the novel is ready.

Third novel and my projects

Then I can get on with the third novel in the trilogy.

I have no idea what I want the cover to look like, and I haven't settled on a title yet either. I have written forty-five thousand words and the story is outlined. I just need to keep on with it and complete the projects I started when I retired four years ago.

The first was to do a Masters in Creative Writing. That is done.

The second is to write a trilogy about the Irish Famine. Almost there!

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