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My first novel

I signed up for my first ever cover design with Reedsy. com. Here's hoping my investment will result in a beautiful cover for my novel set during the Irish Famine in 1845.

I plan to self publish with Amazon KDP. My daughter and daughter-in -law are helping me with getting this underway.

I have a target of three weeks to get the novel and the cover uploaded onto KDP. Then we will look into getting some marketing for it. Very exciting!

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Bridget Walsh
Bridget Walsh
Jan 28, 2022

Hi Gwen, great to hear from you. Good luck with your first draft, it's hard work to get to the end of a project but there is a great sense of achievement too. Let me know what your long-from work is about. It sounds intriguing.

I'm looking forward to hearing from my book cover designer. He said it would take around three weeks from start to finish. In the meantime, I have to upload the novel onto the KDP template. Then add the cover and press Go!

I have a feeling it will not be as simple as that. I'll keep you posted. :) Bridget


Jan 28, 2022

Wow Bridget, this is really exciting! I'm so far off that stage yet, but then I switched my focus at the end of the course to a different long-form work, so I'm still a couple of chapters away from a full first draft.

Keep us updated on the progress! I'm looking forward to reading your novel :)


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