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More on The Great Famine Voices

I watched this short film about the Grey Nuns of Montreal who cared for thousands of Irish migrants in 1847. Many of these people had contracted typhus during their journey to escape the Irish Famine in their homeland. http://greatfaminevoices.ie/famine-heroes/

The nuns and priests and the Mayor of Montreal all supported the sick, as did First Nation Mohawk Council of Kahnawake which contributed 150 dollars to alleviate the famine.

Professor Christine Kinealy introduced the film. I had the privilege to meet her in person when I made a trip to Derry, Northern Ireland in January 2019. She had brought Ireland's Great Hunger Museum, (Músaem An Ghorta Mhóir), based in Quinnipiac University, Connecticut, on tour around Ireland to show off some of the artistic treasures that commemorated the Famine. I was so pleased to be able to see this wonderful exhibition.

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