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#Kindle Unlimited - Novels update.

I love to check on the numbers of pages read on Kindle Unlimited.

This is from the 1st of January to the 19th January, 2023. A record for me.

The majority are read in the US where 'Daughters of the Famine Road' is at #184 in e-books for Historical Irish Fiction.


I have sold thirty-one books so far this month, too.

I'm happy with these numbers. I have work to do, but my books are out in the world and being read.

Reviews on Amazon.

So far, Famine Road had 87 reviews. Mostly, four and five stars.

Exile has 20. Mostly four and five stars.

My aim is to get around 100 reviews each by the time they have been published for a year.

March 2023 for Famine Road

October 2023 for Exile.

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