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Info Sheet: 'Daughters in Exile' - An Irish Historical Novel

Author Name : Bridget Walsh

Genre: Historical Irish Fiction

Published: Amazon 3/10/2022

Format: Paperback and E-book.

ISBN: 978-1-7396885-2-3

Pages: 314

Price: on Amazon. PB. £8.99

The e-book is available on Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Books £2.50.

For Direct Sales Contact the Author.

Contact Info:

Bridget Walsh


Book Blurb:

Annie and Jane leave Ireland at the height of the Famine. Annie takes her brother and sister to their aunt in New York. She is determined to help other young exiles like herself. Jane, now a convict, is transported to New South Wales. Vulnerable and alone, she vows to meet Annie again, and dreams of them both returning home to Ireland.

This is the second in a historical novel trilogy that takes the reader on the journeys of both young Irish exiles. Will Annie evade the gangs in New York and save others like herself? Can Jane make her dream come true in these harsh colonial times?

Cover Art

About the Author:

As a second generation Irish woman, I have always been fascinated by the complex relationship between Ireland and Britain over many hundreds of years. I researched Democracy, Empires and Colonialism.

I read lots of non-fiction about An Gorta Mór, the Irish Famine, in particular, I was interested in how women and their families managed in this terrible time.

I started to write a historical novel. I needed to learn the art of writing as opposed to the craft of it, so when I retired from full-time work in Further Education, I enrolled on a Masters degree in Creative Writing in 2018 and completed it in December 2021.

I have now self-published two novels in this Irish Famine trilogy and am preparing the third for publication (as of February 2023).

Marketing Approach

I talk about my writing on my blog: and on Twitter . The e-book is exclusive to Kindle Unlimited. All books are available on Amazon in paperback, or e-book.

'Daughters in Exile' is currently at no. 198 in US's Kindle store - Historical Irish Fiction category- 25/02/2023.

This novel is in stock at the Waterford Library in Ireland and on sale at The Book Centre, also in Waterford.


'Daughters in Exile' has twenty-two reviews on Amazon with 89% four and five star ratings.

Sample review: Jupiter Jones @jupiterjonz

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 7 January 2023

"In this second instalment of the trilogy, our girls have left their famine-stricken homes in Ireland and travelled to new worlds. Annie Power is making a life for herself in America and Jane Keating has been transported to Australia; both are acutely aware of the dangers facing lone young women. Bridget Walsh deftly braids their stories as they fight for independence, fairness and tolerance - sometimes for survival itself. Parallels abound in the lives of the two girls regarding vulnerability, poverty, the role of the church, the newspapers, finding employment, and a yearning for home. Jane and Annie write to one another of their lives and how they long to meet again. A wealth of historically accurate detail sparkles in this tale of a deep and loving bond."

Please follow the link to read this and more reviews.

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