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Indie-pubb'd novel (part 2) - data and next steps #historicalnovels

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

I've had a very successful KDP free e-book promotion. It's fascinating to see where copies of 'Daughters of the Famine Road' are now. It is also completely unexpected, and a lovely surprise!

11th June, 2022 - Free E-book promotion day

  • 433 in the US

  • 7 in the UK

  • 4 in Canada

  • 1 in Spain

  • 1 in Australia

On 13th June, (as a follow-on)

  • 3 paid-for copies of the e-book in the US

To build on this success.

My first target was to sell 200 copies of the book, both paperback and e-book, mainly to pay for the cover design.

I invested in a lovely cover so readers will be encouraged to open the book and read it. I'll keep this target for Sales and set more targets for the next six months.

Targets to December 2022

  • 1000 copies - to be sold or ordered on Kindle Select. It's now at 577 since I self-published in March 2022

  • Sell 200 paperbacks and e-books. 37 sold to date. (Might take longer than six months!)

  • Sell also through Direct Sales, (not just Amazon.) Zero, sold to date

  • Sell - (pick a number!) - 50 - in the US, and internationally, (both e-books and paperbacks). 5 sold to-date. (Loads on the Kindle Select free e-book promo!) This, too, might take longer!

How will I achieve these targets?

  • Stick with Kindle Select and the Free Book Promotions for the e-book. (I get paid for KENP Read.)

  • Sell paperback copies on Amazon. 27 sold to June 2022. Market through Twitter and this website

  • Direct Sales. Through Indie bookshops, website sales, Twitter. Keep a separate count.

  • Self-pub the next two novels in the trilogy, as soon as possible. The more novels I have on the market, the more chance of readers coming back for the next one or the previous one.

  • Think about the US market. There will be Irish cultural centres and museums in the big cities who might sell books. Find them and pitch the book for their shops.

This is such fun!

PS. If these thoughts help any other indie authors, that's great!

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