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I need my writing group! Here's why :)

I set up a writing group with some of my fellow learners on the Open University Masters in Creative Writing.

That was in September 2021.

It’s all online and we’re still going strong. People drop in and out as their personal circumstances allow.

There are around six to eight of us and we share a piece of our writing each month. We each read and provide feedback on the work of two or three of the group.

The great thing with this group is that we’ve all studied writing at Master’s level. Some have studied fiction, some non-fiction and others screen-writing.

It’s great to have my writing scrutinised and commented on.

As an indie writer, I think both my current novels have benefited from it

and certainly my current work in progress is all the better for the feedback I have received. Long may it last!

Thanks for reading this.

Now, try out my historical novels. Together they make up two of a planned trilogy:
  • The first recounts the onset of potato blight and the start of the famine in 1845 Ireland and its impact on two young Irish women - the 'Daughters.'

  • The second novel is about 'exile' to America and Australia.

  • The third novel, my work in progress, shows the return of one of the 'Daughters' to Ireland and what she finds there, in 1847 - 48.

Both novels are free to Kindle Unlimited readers.

Ebooks and paperbacks can be ordered on Amazon.


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