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Gold Sovereigns #amwriting

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

In the third novel, of the Irish Famine trilogy, my main character, Jane, changes her last gold nugget into sovereigns (or pounds sterling). I spent some time researching how much a gold sovereign was worth back in the 1840s.

I followed the example given in Christine Kinealy's book, 'Charity and the Great Hunger in Ireland' (2013) Bloomsbury, London.

Where £1 = £100 today. (p14)

Gold nugget

Jane got £35, in sovereigns, for her last gold nugget which would equal £3,500, for about two ounces of gold. The gold was given to her as a gift by her Aboriginal friend in New South Wales. (See 2nd novel - Daughters in Exile).

The money allowed her to make some choices, and helped me to complete the trilogy in a satisfying way. I still have work to do on the novel, but it has been really important for me to provide a complete ending, that winds up the threads of the three novels.

Finishing the story - Daughters of the Rebellion.

My next step is to decide on a cover, and revise the middle of the story. The plan is to publish it on KDP by the end of February.

Books 1 and 2 of the Trilogy.

To do:

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