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Ernie O'Malley

wrote 'On Another Man's Wounds' while in exile in South America between 1929 and 1932.

O'Malley, a middle class medical student, joined the Easter Rising in 1916 and became a leader in the Irish Republican Army. The book tells of his time fighting for independence from the British until July 1921.

It ends with the signing of the

peace treaty and the partition of

Northern Ireland.

O'Malley, a staunch Republican,

then began to fight in the civil war.

This is an amazing read. The author

provides the most intense descriptions

of his travels across Ireland.

The land and the people he met

are portrayed with empathy and love.

He was tortured and lost friends in the fight. Yet his determination to fight to free Ireland never wavered.

He wrote about the Civil War in 'The Singing Flame.'

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