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Do you workshop your creative writing?

I do, and I’ve got a super group of writers around me.

We swap work once a month and comment on each others’ writing. My focus is on

a series of Irish historical novels set in the mid-19th century during the Great Famine.

How did we meet?

We all completed the Open University's Master’s degree in Creative Writing last year.

Throughout the course we practiced workshopping parts of our assignments with other students. Since then, we have continued to exchange work, all online. Some months there are more of us than other months, but it has lasted for a while. I hope it keeps going forever!

What I really like:

is that all of us have gained a real appreciation for creative writing. The feedback we give each other is constructive and supportive.

We comment on aspects of plot, character, style, ideas, language and genre. This level of feedback is invaluable for us writers.

Always learning.

In this way, I continue learning about my strengths and areas for improvement. I also learn from reading and commenting on the work of my colleagues in the workshop.

With thanks to my collaborators in creative writing:

Catherine, Christine, Fran, Alan and the rest of the MA writers group.

As an Indie writer,

the Masters degree and the supportive workshop group have given me the confidence to self-publish my first novel, below. The second in the series is due to be published on Amazon soon.


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