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Cultural Sensitivity

When I wrote the story about Jane Keating's time in New South Wales in 1846-47, "Daughters in Exile", I planned for her to find out what life was like as a convict and didn't intend for her to become friends with an Aboriginal child and his family.

As the novel progressed my character found herself alone and in need of help. Jane, an orphan, was helped by her young friend's mother.

As an Indie Author, I am keenly aware of cultural sensitivity and tried to find someone to read my work to get a view on what I had written about the Aboriginal family. The family were not main characters in the novel, yet they had a huge impact on my main character.

To date, I have not managed to get any feedback. I decided that I would go ahead and publish this work. I have added an Author's note at the end of the novel offering to make changes, if the interactions are deemed to be inappropriate, or lacking in cultural sensitivity.

Bridget Walsh, 5th October, 2022.

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