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Amazon Reviews

for Daughters in Exile -

I published this novel on the 4th of October 2022. So far, to 14th Jan 2023, I have received seventeen global ratings, including three written reviews. I am very happy to say that sixteen are five-star, with one three-star.


Susan Birch opens her review with : “The novel alternates between two women who, despite their youth and inexperience of the world, continue to strive to create better lives for themselves and those with whom they come into contact.”

And finishes with:

“Daughters in Exile would also work as a standalone. I look forward to the third and final book in the trilogy from this accomplished self-published author.”

Many thanks @IforIdle I love the compliment!

Jupiter Jones says “Jane and Annie write to one another of their lives and how they long to meet again. A wealth of historically accurate detail sparkles in this tale of a deep and loving bond.”

Rosie Lee says "A 5⭐️ Read and a box of tissues is required 😢"

Thanks @RosieLe60545528

This year.

I'm still working on the third and final novel in the trilogy. I have decided on the title, thanks to my daughter, @nancycarnell, for her help with this.

"Daughters of the Rebellion"

I will be getting a beautiful cover designed in the next month or two. Then I plan to self pub by the end of February 2023.


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