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Welcome to my journal.

Bridget Walsh

I've written three historical novels about women and girls in the Irish Famine from 1845. The first book 'Daughters of the Famine Road' was published in March 2022.

The second, 'Daughters i Exile'  was published in October 2022.

'Daughter of Éireann' is the final novel published in June 2023.

Read about the strong women who inspired them and how real, and my imagined characters, survived a brutal Famine.

Covers for three novels about the Irish Famine.
Image shows Bridget Walsh, writer.

Behind the writer

Hi, my name is Bridget and I love to write and read about Irish history. I’ve just published my second novel on Amazon: 'Daughters in Exile.' It's the second in a trilogy about the Irish Famine​

I'd love to hear about your own reading and writing. Click on the contact page to get in touch or sign up to receive a monthly newsletter. 


"Daughters of the Famine Road" - A tribute to all those who lost their lives in the Irish Famine, and those who survived.

"Daughters in Exile" - Follow two young women on their journeys away from Ireland.

"Daughter of Éireann" - Coming home from exile to a devastated land.

Bridget Walsh

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